5 tips for buying your next set of aftermarket wheels

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When it comes to modifying your truck or car people always think of big turbos, superchargers and exhaust systems. But the easiest and most common modification is actually a nice new set of wheels and may rubber. In today’s day in age, there are so many different companies and types of wheels available how do you decide what is going to be the best for your application.


The first step is to figure out what size will actually fit your vehicle and what other modifications will be needed in order to run that size. A great place to start researching would on our online gallery it shows proven setups that real people are running with helpful descriptions that detail how the wheels and tire fit. Another great place to reference would be to join online forums and Facebook pages for your certain car or truck make and model. For example, if your truck is a Ram 1500 you would google search “Ram 1500 Forums”, there are some great online communities that will help you with your future in the world of aftermarket modifcations.

2. Pick a style a